Low cost simple and easy to use, integrated with the Travel Wallet

Use our solution to easily submit & manage your GMRs from only £ 25 per month.

If you want to enjoy a one month free trial to create & manage GVMS Movements, just simply register for the BEEMS service and add 'FREE TRIAL' as a P&O Ferries customer code and you will be set up accordingly.

Safety & Security
Use our solution to easily submit & manage your Safety & Security declarations to both France and GB from only £50 per month.

If you wish to create & manage EXS Exit Summary Declarations just simply register for the Customs Declaration Service and add 'EXS' in the field next to you GB EORI during setup and you will be configured accordingly.

Customs Declarations
Use our solution to easily submit & manage GB import & export Customs Declarations from only £225 per month.

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Key Features & Tariff

  • Create and manage all border formalities for pre-lodgement routes in one place
  • User friendly dashboard providing visibility of all movements, vehicles and their status
  • SMS or emails to drivers and other interested parties to notify of status updates
  • Neutral platform will support movements on all pre-lodgement routes to and from UK
  • Cost effective tool to enable regulatory compliance with simplified and quicker operational process
  • Open integration with other systems to create a flexible ecosystem


Plan Name Declaration GBP Cost EUR Cost
features macbook

Safety & Security

Key Features & Benefits

  • Access the Import Control System (ICS) direct & submit both Import ENS & Export EXS
  • Significant time saving features
  • Validation of submissions
  • Reassurance of compliance with regulations
  • Avoid hefty fines


Plan name Declarations GBP Cost EUR Cost Overage
features macbook

Customs Declarations

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-based user-friendly platform
  • Accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Works with both CHIEF and CDS
  • Easily manage repeat business with copy to new functionality


Tariff Monthly Declaration Over Concurrent
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Border Management Products

Brexit has added complexity and paperwork to the process of moving cargo between the UK and Europe, which in turn means more of your time and resource is required and your profit margins are impacted.

Our suite of Border Management products, BEEMS, has been developed to remove the complexity and reduce the paperwork, saving you significant amounts of time and offering you the reassurance that your efficient movement is complying with the relevant regulations.

BEEMS Border Management products support businesses managing movements across borders on RORO (Roll-On-Roll-Off) routes between the UK and EU, providing direct access to all the relevant customs systems.