Safety and Security Declarations

It is now compulsory for all hauliers carrying goods into Europe from Great Britain to submit a Safety and Security Declaration (also called an ENS Declaration) to the Import Control System (ICS) for the EU country the goods are entering. The same requirement applies to all goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain.


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Why do I Need a Safety and Security Declaration?

Without a complete Safety and Security Declaration your goods could be blocked at the border, and you may face hefty fines.

Our Safety and Security Declarations product is an easy-to-use platform for creating and submitting these mandatory declarations for the GB and France. (The same functionality will be available for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland soon).

The Solution

Our product connects into the relevant country’s Import Control System (ICS), enabling you to automate your Safety and Security Declaration process, while also ensuring you comply with the latest government regulations.

Its user-friendly features will save you significant amounts of time and also offer the reassurance that your declarations have been submitted correctly and are in place in time for your movement.

Users can register and submit declarations online as well as access and copy their previously submitted declarations. Other time-saving features include options to complete all standard fields for EU/GB ICS compliance, drop down menus for mandatory information fields, and the ability to save draft declarations to avoid any non-complete work being lost.

It also offers the reassurance of validating the submission and highlights errors or issues to be corrected and resubmitted.



Bands Included consignments per month Tariff bundle per month Overage per consignment


  • Access the Import Control System (ICS) direct
  • Significant time saving features
  • Validation of submissions
  • Reassurance of compliance with regulations
  • Avoid hefty fines

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