BEEMS Pre-lodgement

Brexit has made importing and exporting more complex in Europe.

Do you understand which customs declarations are required for each movement? You might need GMRs for the UK border controls, MRNs for France or PBNs for Ireland.

And then you need to work out how to submit the correct documentation to generate the all-important references and records that are required, before then making sure your driver has all the information ready for check-in at the port.

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BEEMS Pre-lodgement can help with all of this

It has been designed to support transport operators managing movements across borders on pre-lodgement RORO (Roll-On-Roll-Off) routes between the UK and EU.

It automates and simplifies the pre journey procedures and provides updates during the journey for you to share with your drivers and partners.

The Solution

BEEMS Pre-lodgement offers a direct connection to the UK (GVMS), Irish (Revenue) and French (Douane) customs systems, enabling you to submit and verify the declarations that will generate the records and references you require.

Its easy-to-read dashboard provides real-time status updates. The product also connects hauliers, drivers and ferry operators to maintain operational flow at check-in and offers SMS communication with drivers throughout the journey.

BEEMS Pre-lodgement makes the driver’s job a whole lot simpler as they will receive timely notifications to proceed to check-in and messages on whether an inspection is required or not, before they disembark.

This solution is currently available for any designated GB pre-lodgement route supporting GVMS, including digital office of transit. And it allows customers to receive updates from the French ‘Enveloppe Logistique’.

The same functionality will be available on the Irish Sea to support the Irish PBN in the near future.



Tariff bundle per month Tariff bundle per month Movements per month Overage per movement


  • Create and manage all border formalities for pre-lodgement routes in one place
  • User friendly dashboard providing visibility of all movements, vehicles and their status
  • SMS or emails to drivers and other interested parties to notify of status updates
  • Neutral platform will support movements on all pre-lodgement routes to and from UK
  • Cost effective tool to enable regulatory compliance with simplified and quicker operational process
  • Open integration with other systems to create a flexible ecosystem

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