January to December 2021



Payable quarterly in advance
1. CNS Compass transaction charges
Payable monthly in arrears
2. Network charges
Payable quarterly in advance
3. CNS Compass EDI charges
a. Shipping line EDI
Payable quarterly in advance
b. CHIEF/CDS messaging
All customers using software to send electronic messages to CHIEF/CDS will require a subscription to CNSgatewayCHIEF. There is no transaction charge for inventory-linked import entries. Inventory-linked import entries are processed through the CNSgatewayCHIEF clearance service.
4. CNSgatewayCHIEF
CNSgatewayCHIEF provides a clearance service and a reporting service for CHIEF/CDS messaging, plus screen access to CHIEF. For more information, see
a. CNSgatewayCHIEF EDI Tariff
For customers with software to create EDIFACT messages to send to CHIEF/CDS via CNS
Product Monthly fee (payable quarterly in advance) Included Export Frontier Declarations Clearance service Included Import or Export Supplementary Declarations Reporting service Additional Supplementary Declarations Reporting service (payable monthly inarrears)
Prices are available on application for higher volumes. Included messages must be used in the same calendar month and may not be carried over.

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